Social Actors and Affectation of Neighborhood Territories as A Result of The El Niño Events in A District of Peru

    Manuel Lizarzaburu-Aguinaga ,Erick Delgado-Bazan ,Oscar Víctor Vargas-Chozo ,Zadith Garrido-Campaña ,Danny Villegas-Rivas ,Clelia Jima-Chamiquit ,Ydalia Velásquez-Casana ,Milena Weepiu-Samekash
    Keywords: Perception, social actors, affectation, urban infrastructures and facilities, El Niño events ,


    The objective of this research was to determine the perception of the associative actors in relation to the
    levels of affectation of the El Niño events on the equipment and urban infrastructures in neighborhood
    territories of the Trujillo District in Peru in 2017. The research was descriptive-comparative. The variables
    considered were: the conditions of co-creation of the social actors and their characteristic dimensions
    (environmental problems derived from the El Niño events, territories or neighborhood areas affected and
    affectation of urban facilities). The population was constituted by the social actors of the Trujillo District,
    organized into 4 large groups. The exhibition was made up of 180 social actors. The neighborhood
    territories (TV) most affected by the El Niño events in 2017 are TV28 and TV41. The levels of risk due to the
    effects of El Niño events were classified into: very high risk, high risk, medium risk and low risk. 90% of TVs
    have been affected by the El Niño events. Los TV41, TV28 you have the highest levels of affectation. The
    affectation of the urban infrastructures generates annoyances in the neighbors, as well as health
    problems. All the neighboring areas are affected by their urban facilities. El TV28 is the most affected.

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