Pedagogic Competency Model: Development from The Point of View of The Initial Characteristics of Teachers, Involvement with Organizations and Competency Development Strategies

    Ratnawati Susanto ,Noni Agustina ,Yuli Azmi ,Widarto Rachbini
    Keywords: Pedagogic Competency Model, Teacher Initial Characteristics, Involvement with Organizations, Competency Development Strategies ,


    Pedagogic competency models need to be a fundamental focus in developing the capacity and
    capability of teachers and elementary school organizations in DKI Jakarta Province. This is a strategic key
    to overcome the low pedagogic competence and quality of learning interactions. The research
    objective is to study the development of a pedagogic competency model that focuses on teacher initial
    characteristics, involvement with organizations and competency development strategies. Data
    processing techniques using SMART PLS. The research sample was 20 teachers in public elementary
    schools in West Jakarta Municipality, DKI Jakarta Province. The data collection technique used a Likert
    scale questionnaire instrument. The results of the study: (1) The pedagogic competence model can be
    formed significantly from the dimensions of the initial characteristics of the teacher, involvement with the
    organization and competency development strategies, (2) The initial characteristics of the teacher have
    an effect on involvement with the organization, (3 (the initial characteristics of the teacher have an effect
    on the model development strategy). competence, (4) involvement with organizations influences
    development strategies, (5) competency model development strategies affect pedagogic
    competence, and (6) the most dominant variable forming a pedagogic competency model is the initial
    characteristics of teachers which form the basis for the formation of fan competency model
    development strategies. engagement with the organization.

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