Development On The Indicator Factor Of Effectiveness Of The Online Influencer In Video Advertising Media: Teras Model

    Maythaya Preeyanon ,Patchanee Cheyjunya
    Keywords: Online Influencer, Effectiveness of Online Influencer ,


    The objective of this research was to develop the indicator factor of effectiveness of the online influencer
    in video advertising media in order to create the measurement model. The research methodology was
    quantitative research using survey research method. In the data collection, the researchers used the
    questionnaire as the research tool. The sample group of this research consisted of 365 Generation Y Thai
    people who had access to the internet with exposure to news and advertising via online influencers. The
    Second Order Confirmatory factor analysis was employed. The research concluded that the Second
    Order Confirmatory factor analysis for finding the effectiveness of the online influencer in video advertising
    was appropriate or harmonious with the empirical data with statistical significance at the 0.001 level.
    TERAS Model could be created to consist of 5 factors. Each factor had the Standard Factor Loading; (1)
    trustworthiness was at 0.95, (2) expertise was at 0.90, (3) Relevance was at 0.76, (4) physical attractiveness
    was at 0.58, and (5) similarity was at 0.50. The measuring index passed the criteria of 10 values; Chisquare/df = 1.338, p-value = .070, GFI = .985, AGFI = .925, CFI = .997, NFI = .990, IFI = .998, RFI = .956, RMR =
    .035, RMSEA = .030

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