Commercialize or Not? : A Systematic Literature Review on Academician Desires to Market their Innovation during World COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Lee Van ,Norhadilah Abdul Hamid ,Lee Te Chuan ,Md. Fauzi Bin Ahmad ,Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad
    Keywords: Academicians; behavioral intention; technology commercialization ,


    This paper aims at investigating the academician behavioral intention on innovation commercialization
    through a comprehensive analysis of Systematic Literature Review (SLR). During the COVID-19 pandemic
    era, world economic had faced severe of impact with challengingly. In consequences, the
    commercialization of innovation outputs could lead significant benefits for nation especially while
    economic recovery period. One of the main active contributors of new innovation is a researcher among
    academician. Therefore, human behavior studies are needed to identify the influence factors that affect
    academicians in developing countries during this world pandemic era. This SLR analysis used three
    databases namely Scopus, Web of Science and EBSCOhost for selecting articles published starting 2014
    until 2021. There had 178 articles were identified, only 43 articles were selected as the final set based on
    the inclusion criteria. Majority of the articles (31/43) were adopted to determine the key drivers of
    academicians’ intention toward university technology commercialization, whereas the smaller portions
    of articles (12/43) were conducted meta-analysis among them. Based on the result of SLR, indicated that
    most often applied key drivers in past studies are personal attitude, subjective norm and perceived
    behavioral control accordingly. The meta-analysis also found that all these factors gave low effect on
    academician commercialization intention. A few of recommendations toward university, government
    and future studies were purposed at the end of paper, which expect to enhance the success of university
    technology commercialization in Malaysia.

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