Facilitation of Metacognitive Accuracy among Learners in Higher Education

    Pyong Ho Kim
    Keywords: metacognition, metacognitive accuracy, higher education, college students, metacognitive implications ,


    College students' both over- and under-confidence regarding their examination performances well
    demonstrate a low level of metacognition they have. This paper attempted to measure college students'
    metacognitive accuracy using three different tools. The study's main rationale is to foster advanced
    metacognition among college students. To this end, 48 college freshmen participated in the study, and
    their predicted and actual midterm and final scores were calculated. The instructor delivered a series of
    lectures on metacognitive skills and its importance. The participants' metacognition levels as well as
    awareness of learning processes were measured. The results demonstrated moderate to fairly significant
    improvement of metacognition among the student participants over a semester. Relevant implications
    are discussed.

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