Satisfaction and Well-Being of Leisure Activities among Screen Golf Participants

    Jung Yun Jang
    Keywords: Screen golf, leisure satisfaction, psychological well-being, virtual reality, leisure participation ,


    The aim of this research was to examine the relationship of leisure satisfaction and psychological wellbeing among screen golf participants and identified the differences between participants’ gender, age,
    and leisure satisfaction and psychological well-being. There were 333 screen golfers who participated in
    the study survey. The female adults had a significantly higher score on leisure satisfaction, while male
    adults had a higher score on psychological well-being. The leisure satisfaction and psychological wellbeing was different by age groups and it was higher in age 60s than the younger group. The leisure
    satisfaction on screen golf participation has a significant positive impact on psychological well-being. This
    implies that participation in screen golf using virtual reality technology can lead to leisure satisfaction that
    can increase individual psychological well-being. Furthermore, the screen golf offers improved
    accessibility or skills for low-skilled or novice golfers.

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