The Effects of a Comprehensive Exercise Program on Muscle Strength, Balance, Gait, and Psychological Factors

    Jung-Ho Lee
    Keywords: Rehabilitation, Muscle strength, Balance, Gait, Psychological Factors ,


    This study was conducted to investigate the effects of a comprehensive exercise program on the muscle
    strength, balance, gait and psychological factors of elderly people over 65. The exercise program, in
    which the body and a resistance band were used to provide resistance and a balance pad was used to
    provide instability to a base surface, was performed in three stages of four weeks each. Muscle strength,
    balance, and gait ability were assessed, and evaluation sheets were used to evaluate psychological
    factors (quality of life and fall-related efficacy). The results showed significant differences in muscle
    strength, balance, gait, quality of life, and fall-related efficacy after the exercise program was completed
    compared to the status before the program. Remarkable improvements in muscle strength and quality
    of life were observed in males compared to females. Given its unique design of simultaneously applying
    various types of resistance and tasks for systematically accumulated comprehensive exercise programs,
    this program is expected to enhance the abilities of elderly people for physical activity and to manage
    their psychological factors.

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