The Relationship between College Freshmen's self-understanding and problem-solving ability: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis

    Ju-Kyoung Kim ,Jong-Teak Seo
    Keywords: College freshmen, self-understanding, self-direction, learning competency problem-solving ability ,


    This study investigated self-understanding, self-direction, learning competency, and problem-solving
    ability for freshmen who entered college in 2020, and analyzed the structural relationship among
    variables. In addition, an empirical study was conducted with the aim of verifying the mediating effect
    of self-direction and learning competency in relation to self-understanding and problem-solving ability. In
    order to achieve the purpose of this study, 2,860 freshmen from a University located in Seoul were selected
    as subjects for the study, and a survey was conducted for one week from April 14 to 20, 2020. The data
    collected via questionnaires was verified using the SPSS 26.0 program to verify the reliability and validity
    of the measurement tools, and the AMOS 26.0 program was used to analyze the structural model and
    verify the mediation effect. The detailed research results were as follows. First, college freshmen's selfunderstanding, self-direction, learning competency, and problem-solving ability form a structural
    relationship that has a statistically significant positive (+) influence on each other. Second, the selfunderstanding of college freshmen has a statistically significant effect on problem-solving ability both
    direct and indirectly. Third, college freshmen's self-direction and learning competency statistically and
    meaningfully mediate the relationship between self-understanding and problem-solving ability.
    Consequently, institutions of higher education need to focus on developing core competencies, such as
    self-understanding, self-direction, learning competency, problem-solving ability of college freshmen, and
    devise a plan to effectively provide related programs.

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