Determinants of Participation in Vocational Education and Training for Korean MiddleAged Career Interrupted Women in Korea

    Yun-Jeong Kim ,Sang-Jin Lee ,Soon-Hee Ryu
    Keywords: Career interrupted women, vocational education and training, job seeking skills, economic preparation level, basic job competence, binary logistic regression analysis ,


    The purpose of the study was to identify the determinants of participation in vocational education and
    training for career-interrupted women aged 40 to 64. This study used the data of Lee, Yang, Song & Kim
    (2020). The web survey method using the questionnaire and the self-subjective survey were conducted
    simultaneously for one month in February 2020. In this study, the data of 328 women who have had a job,
    but do not currently have a job, and yet wish to have a job, were analyzed. First, 21.6% of career
    interrupted women participated in vocational education and training. It was found that they received
    vocational education and training at ‘Vocational education and training corporations’ mainly for
    reemployment, with only 11.3 percent receiving training at the ‘Women's Workforce Development
    Centers’, one of the leading vocational education and training institutions for career-interrupted women.
    Second, the job before career breaks for women who participated in vocational education and training
    was often 'service/sales business'. Third, the participation in vocational education and training, the level
    of economic retirement preparation, basic job competency, and job seeking skills were different
    according to the individual characteristics of career-interrupted women. Forth, the higher the job-seeking
    skills, the more likely they are to participate in vocational education and training. Therefore, it is imperative
    to include content on job-seeking skills as part of vocational education and training.

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