A Research on safety rules for safe scuba diving

    Hye-Kyung Baek ,Kwi-Baek Kim ,Hwa-Yeol Choi
    Keywords: Skin scuba diving, scuba diving, safety rules, industrial divers, marine industry, and precautions ,


    In the modern era, systematic dive procedures and decompression procedures were created under the
    leadership of the US and British naval forces, establishing efficient diving through long stay times and safe
    decompression for industrial divers. Based on such research and experiments for military purposes, energyrelated industries such as crude oil drilling and gas mining have grown rapidly, and related industrial diving
    has grown rapidly. Through this, a specialized educational institution for systematic industrial diving was
    created and the standard for industrial diving was established. In particular, industrial divers can be
    classified into groups with high risk of disease and death from work.
    This study aims to present basic data for the establishment of a working environment and prevention of
    occupational diseases to enable industrial divers to work safely through a survey on the diving work
    environment and health status of industrial divers.

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