A Study On Various Methods For Building A Blockchain Development Environment: Focusing On Ethereum

    Jin-whan Kim
    Keywords: Block chain, IDE, Development Environment Tool, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contract, Hyperledger, BaaS ,


    Blockchain technology is emerging as a key infrastructure technology that will lead the fourth industrial
    revolution, and blockchain promises to bring about revolutionary growth in almost all fields. Blockchain
    technology has the potential to lead social innovation that will improve the mutual harmony and
    understanding of the complex structures of human society as well as various phenomena (e.g.
    antagonism, confrontation, ideological conflict). It is also expected to be a very important infrastructure
    technology that can spur innovation in many fields of human society such as politics, economy, society,
    and culture. This paper provides an overview of the development environment and tools for developing
    and distributing the blockchain platform such as main terms, Remix, Truffle, Ganache, Metamask,
    blockchain as a service (BaaS) and other useful information. The paper also covers several configurations
    for the decentralized applications (DApp) of blockchain technology, which have been recently gaining
    much attention. In particular, we will focus on the Ethereum platform.

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