Syi’ar Through Television: Assessing McDonaldization Da’wah in the Month of Ramadan

    Irzum Farihah ,Moh Muhtador ,Muhamad Hasan Asyadily ,Shofaussamawati ,Muzakka Abdul Karim
    Keywords: Syi’ar, Television, McDonaldization ,


    This paper saw the rampant of syi’ar through television in Ramadan using various approaches that are
    appropriated to various conditions of Islamic communities in Indonesia. Modern society is so pragmatic
    and hedonic unseparated from the target of proselytizers. They prefer syi’ar treats (show) through
    television media that is easily accessible by people from different social status. This study focusses on six
    da’wah events via television: Tafsir Kehidupan on TV One, Pelita Hati on Metro TV, Islam itu Indah and
    Kultum on Trans TV, Bunga-bunga Hati and Bicara Islami on RCTI. In these events there is interaction
    between the proselytizer and mad'u through the symbols that are set in da’wah materials through the
    television as the media. Then, the term McDonaldization Da'wah appers, which consists of four principles:
    efficiency, calculability, predictability and control.

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