Zinah Ibrahim Khashin AL-Kharasani
    Keywords: Style, Open Style, Al-Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyah, prayer upon the Prophet Muhammad and His Family. ,


    This research aims to present a modern critical reading on the subject of the open system in the carpet
    prayers according to its creative presence and the presentation of (Prayer to the Prophet and his family),
    and its systemic manifestations within the cultural criticism project, which is one of the modern
    approaches to critical and cognitive guidance. This activity searches for the cultural pattern, the
    semantics of meanings within the literary text, and is concerned with the patterns. The idea of discovering
    the meanings of texts is raised, as it is a practical practice that uses a cultural code to analyze texts,
    meaning that the plurality of meaning makes the literary work open to multiple and endless readings.
    The concept of style: It is a group of coherent, intertwined and functionally integrated elements among
    themselves, that is, they are linked ontologically through the presence of logic, which are linked to each
    other with the presence of logic and relationships. It is achieved through the integration of its parts.
    The Style was included within cultural criticism, as the latter means by it. Cultural criticism is an activity or
    activity concerned with cultural patterns that reflect a set of historical, cultural, moral and human
    contexts and the values of religion, civilization and politics.
    (Style is the technical system that characterizes the intertwined structures in the text. It is multiple, varied
    and may be repetitive. It is universal and indicative of the levels of structure. It is traditional, modular,
    formal and innovative at the same time. While the structure focuses on semantics despite its formal
    technique. There is a dialectical relationship between pattern and structure that does not Free from it: it
    is the structure that reveals the system, just as the system is what constitutes the structure).
    Texts are coherent in language and communication (by integrating the six functional units of the
    conceptual, expressive, referential, message, sender, context and communication). "Abdullah AlGhathami" added the systemic function to it.
    Open Styles
    The idea of Style is based on maintaining the relationship with other systems, the overall relationship, not
    the elements in themselves, and Style is divided into two branches, open and closed (meaning that it
    exchanges with its surroundings).

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