The Laws and Rules and Their Impact on the Andalusian Economy (484-897 Ah/ 1091-1492 Ad)

    Qasim Ali AbdulHussein Al-Zalmi ,Prof. Dr Mahmoud Abdul Wahid Mahmoud Al-Qaysi2 ,Prof. Dr Zakiya Hasan Ibrahim Al Dulaimi
    Keywords: agriculture, industry, Trading, market ,


    This paper is an attempt to understand the Sharia and its roles in the economic field and their impact on
    Andalusia, by clarifying the terms and linking them with each other and coming up with a
    comprehensive idea through the realization of the economic approach, administrative economic
    legislation, financial gains and transactions of all kinds, that Sharia and provisions are what protect and
    surround the individual in order to Protecting his rights and preserving his duties as he is part of society
    and that society is a group of individuals and their influence is mutual. So the goodness of the individual
    means reforming the society and his corruption corrupting the society. Therefore, Sharia provides us with
    a distinctive and important model in the field of financial dealings of the individual with himself, his Lord,
    his family, relatives, and society through an integrated and continuous system to produce a normal
    behavior Beneficial and beneficial.

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