Nihilism in the Iraqi novel (A Study in the Light of Postmodern Philosophy)

    Assistant Lecturer, Hadeel Husam Al-Dain Ahmed ,Professor, Dr. Talal Khaleefa Salman
    Keywords: Nihilism, Iraqi, Light Postmodern, Philosophy. ,


    This research brings us to several ideas, its apparent meaning directs us towards nothingness, non-existence,
    loss, or the absence of a certain thing, and it leads us towards the uselessness of things or their insignificance,
    and if we take the word nothingness from the word nihilism, we will approach perhaps the degree of zero, i.e.
    nothing, and we can say: nihilism is uselessness, nothingness, or completion.
    Regarding the lexicon, we will find that the philosophical lexicon presents a concept of nothingness first,
    indicating that nothingness is the opposite of existence, presenting its meaning at Hegel, which equates it to
    existence in terms of meaning. As for Heidegger, his nothingness oscillates in the image of being present once
    and being absent again. Sartre made the non-existence lag behind and track it, indicating that the non-existence
    is the creation of man, for the existence of the non-existence is associated with the existence of the human
    being, just as the non-existence is the base and the source of the negative outlook and the judgment of the
    negative. This is because nothingness is essentially passive and intentionally nothing, and therefore it will be
    directed towards the world to constitute a rejection of it, that is, nothingness does not come by itself, but rather
    by means of man. As for nihilism, its meaning is shortened by the word nothing. As for Oxford, nihilism is
    defined as: “a view that states that there is no justification for values, and in particular there is no justification
    for morals.”

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