Nanocoatings: part 2 of improving linearized stress resistance

    Salloom A. Al-Juboori ,Mohammad Albtoosh
    Keywords: Analytic Heararchy Process, City Branding, Participation, Tourism ,


    Using a simulation of the Nano coating impact on linearized stress resistance using FEA software, part 2 of
    the study is a continuation of part 1. As a result, an aluminium (Al7075-T6) spherical vessel was coated with
    two distinct nano-layers made of titanium (Ti) and nickel (Ni) and subjected to internal pressure before
    and after the coating was applied (100nm, 500nm, and 900nm). After that, the acquired findings were
    compared to those obtained before and after the coating was applied. According to the findings, the
    aluminium Al7075-T6 thin walled spherical vessel was effectively coated with Titanium and Nickel using
    ANSYS modelling software. Additionally, the findings have revealed that the linearized stress resistance of
    the 100,500 and 900nmthickness Nickel coated aluminium 7075-T6 thin walled spherical vessel. These
    linearized stress resistance gains with Nickel coating were equivalent to 42% when compared to Titanium
    coating thickness (100, 500 1nd 900 nm). The linearized stress maximum resistance has improved by
    approximately 2.5% for Ti and by 5% for Ni.

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