Developing Young Human Resources In The Context Of Globalization: Situation And Recommendations For Solutions

    Tran Van Trung
    Keywords: Young human resources, developing,context of globalization, situation, solutions recommendations, policy, Vietnam ,


    International Economic Integration Is An Inevitable Trend Not Only In Vietnam But Also Determines The
    Survival Of Each Business, In Which Investment In Human Resource Development Is The Most Important
    Factor To Shorten The Knowledge Gap Aware Of The World. When It Comes To Human Resources, As An
    Object Of Exploitation And Investment, People Often Talk About Its Quantity And Quality. But The Most
    Important Factor In Human Resources Is Shown Not In The Quantity But In The Quality Of Human Resources.
    This Is The Decisive Factor For Socio-Economic Development, As Well As For The Cause Of Industrialization
    And Modernization. This Study Focuses On Analyzing The Current Situation Of Young Human Resources,
    Some Inadequacies In Training, Thereby Proposing Solutions To Improve The Quality Of Young Human
    Resources In Vietnam In The Current Period.

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