The Saudi Version of the Dula Dangerous Driving Index among University Student drivers

    Abdallah Mohamed ,Abdelzaher Alkholy
    Keywords: Dula dangerous driving index, university students, driving anger expression inventory and barratt impulsiveness scale. ,


    Background: The behavior of dangerous driving is considered the main cause of increase in road
    accidents. The present study aimed at (1) studying the dangerous driving indexes among university
    students, (2) developing the Dula index to measure the behavior of dangerous driving of Saudi university
    students, (3) identifying the significant differences of dangerous driving behaviors according to the
    educational level and age, and (4) identifying the relationship between the behavior of dangerous
    driving and the impulsive behavior of drivers and the driving angry expressions.
    Methods: The tools of the study, which were selected in a systematic stratified way, were applied to 640
    Saudi university students to check the validity of the Dula index. The tools of the study included: the
    dangerous driving Dula inventory (DDDI), driver behavior questionnaire, barratt impulsiveness scale (BIS)
    and driving anger expression inventory (DAEI). Results: The results of this study showed that this tool, when
    associated with the barratt impulsiveness scale (BIS) and the driving anger expression inventory (DAEI),
    can have adequate psychometric properties through internal consistency, persistence and honesty. The
    factor analysis results concluded that the tool has three factors; namely, aggressive driving, negative
    emotions and dangerous driving. In addition, the study findings pointed out that the average scores of
    students dangerous driving were at a low level. There are no statistical differences in the behavior of
    dangerous driving according to age and educational level.
    Recommendations: The study recommends the traffic departments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to
    adopt this measurement to evaluate the behaviors of dangerous driving among drivers who are intending
    to obtain their driving license, especially teenagers.

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