Effects of Open and Close Kinetic Chain Exercises On Lower Limbs Proprioception among Healthy Adults

    Yu Chye Wah ,Karthikeyan Jayabalan ,Kshtrashal Singh ,Kasmalina Binti Mohd
    Keywords: Kinetic chain exercise, open kinetic chain exercise, close kinetic chain exercise, proprioception, repositioning error ,


    Purpose: This study is to compare the effects of open kinetic chain exercise (OKCE) and close kinetic
    chain exercise (CKCE) on proprioception of the joints among healthy adults.
    Methods: This is an open labelled randomized clinical study in which a total of thirty-three subjects were
    recruited and randomly assigned into OKCE and CKCE groups. Both groups had undergone six weeks
    rehabilitation programme of three sessions per week. The OKCE comprise of static quadriceps contraction
    (SQE) exercise, inner range quads (IRQ) and straight leg raise (SLR) exercise, while the CKCE encompass
    lunge repositioning error test in sitting position.
    Results and conclusion: There was no statistical difference in knee and ankle joint proprioception of the
    limb between OKCE and CKCE rehabilitation interventions, however each group showed significant
    improvement after 6 weeks of exercises. Both kinetic chain exercises have similar therapeutic effects in
    improving proprioception, and can be used effectively in rehabilitation programme.

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