Effect of Biomass Ash on Properties of Mortar: Review

    Jyoti Rashmi Nayak ,Jerzy Bochen ,Malgorzata Golaszewska
    Keywords: Mortar, Rice Husk Ash, Bagasse Ash, Variability of Technological factors ,


    The sustainability of biomass mixed mortar and concrete against all properties comparatively better than
    conventional concrete and mortar. Among biomass material Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and Sugarcane
    Bagasse Ash are commonly used and found suitable by researchers to partially replace Portland cement
    in the production of cementitious material. This paper represents up to date review of the research on
    properties of hardened and fresh concrete and mortar. Moreover, durability performance, like resistance
    to chloride, water absorption, drying shrinkage are discussed. Through research it seems that
    incorporating biomass ash as supplementary Cementous material improve mechanical properties of
    mortar and concrete.

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