Inhibition BaSO4 Scale in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Operated as Linear and Cross Flow Model Using Ethylene Dyaminetetraacetic Acid

    Wiji Mangestiyono ,Sutrisno ,Juli Mrihardjono
    Keywords: Heat Exchanger, scale, barium, inhibition, EDTA ,


    This research was aimed to answer the barium scaling problem that intensively attack piping system of
    the heat exchanger. The difference of flowing system i.e., linear and cross flow model on shell and tube
    heat exchanger was investigated in the relationship to its scaling potential. Material that has been used
    in this research were BaCl2 and Na2SO4 powder in analytical grade. Inhibitor was chosen ethylene
    dyaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) in 5.00 and 10.00 ppm. A module shell and tube heat exchanger were
    prepared to conduct the experiment. Scale deposited found in larger for the experiment in cross flow
    model as much as 1.4964 gr.m-2.h-1, otherwise in the linear flow only in 1.3666 gr.m-2.h-1. The use of EDTA
    in 5.00 and 10.00 ppm successfully inhibit the scale from 1.3666 to be 1.2148 and 1.1142 gr.m-2.h-1 for
    linear flow and also from 1.4964 to be 1.2843 and 1.1771 gr.m-2.h-1 for cross flow. The use of EDTA resulted
    inhibition efficiency 11 and 18 % for linear flow, although 14 and 21% for cross flow, for the EDTA
    concentration 5.00 and 10.00 ppm respectively.

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