Neuro Marketing- Exploring the Brain of the Consumer: A Review

    Keywords: Consumerism; Neuro marketing; Advertisement; Neuroscience ,


    Neuro marketing is the domain in neuroscience devoted to the assay of brain feedback stimuli to
    advertising. It is grasped by the public as endorsed by commercial influence employed via
    neurophysiological means empowering the enterprises to track the main neurophysiological signals and
    consumer’s behaviour. Neuro marketing demark and differentiate on what the consumer responds to, in
    accordance to a particular product and the notion they might get, beyond their co-consumers Neuro
    marketing considered as an emerging field of marketing commerce which adopts medical mechanics
    like functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to contemplate the brain’s response concerning the
    marketing stimuli. Investigators and researchers utilize the fMRI to gauge and learn the changes in brain
    activity with respect to why a buyer make the decisions and map the section of the brain, prompting this
    action. Marketing analysts adopt such neuro marketing to create an improved assessment of consumer’s
    choices, and thorough this recognition and perception promote the business enterprise conceive the
    best products and services specifically fashioned with precision and lobby marketing adjusted towards
    the consumer’s brain response. This review gives an insight to understand the consumer’s perspective via
    means of neuro marketing.

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