Program Planning and Self-Determination: Lessons from Empowering Indigenous Peoples in Jambi, Indonesia

    Suradi ,Soni Akhmad Nulhaqim ,Nandang Mulyana ,Edi Suharto
    Keywords: Indigenous Peoples; Planning; Empowerment; Self-Determination; Participation ,


    The term used for indigenous peoples in Jambi, Indonesia is Suku Anak Dalam. This term is familiar or
    popular among observers of indigenous peoples and human rights activists everywhere. This research
    analyzes and describes the planning of empowerment programs carried out by the Lalloo et al. (2021)
    Traditional Community Empowerment, Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (D-RTCE). This
    research uses a qualitative method with a case study. The sources of research data are regulations,
    technical guidelines and instructions, results of monitoring and evaluation, in-depth interviews with the
    planning department at D-RTCE, and group interviews with the Suku Anak Dalam. This research uses the
    concept of self-determination to analyze the data and. The results prove that the planning of the
    empowerment program implemented by D-RTCE was not based on the right of self-determination. Suku
    Anak Dalam had no initial information, no customary consultation or consensus, and they were not
    facilitated to participate in the empowerment program planning. D-RTCE prepared its own
    empowerment program plan with the support of data from the Sarolangan and Jambi social services or
    agencies, without accommodating the needs and expectations of the Suku Anak Dalam. This research
    has limitations because it is implemented only in one location of the empowerment program, so it cannot
    be applied in other locations, except for those with the same characteristics. Nonetheless, this research
    has academically contributed to enriching the literature on empowerment program planning; and
    practically to the management of indigenous people empowerment programs.

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