The Influence of Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, and Job stress, on Work Productivity of Air Traffic Controllers at AirNav Indonesia (Case Study of JATSC Branch) Surabaya Branch, Sentani Branch).

    Iqbal Kamaluddin ,Farida Elmi ,Erry Rimawan
    Keywords: Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Job stress, Work Productivity. ,


    Work productivity is an important factor for AirNav Indonesia to achieve its vision and mission. This study
    aims to examine the relationship between occupational health and safety, job stress and work
    productivity. The method used is a quantitative method with a causal study approach. The results found
    out that occupational health had no significant influenceon work productivity, but had a significant
    negative influenceon job stress and work safety. Job stress has a significant negative influenceon work
    productivity, which means that the lower level job stress, work productivity will be increasing, and vice
    versa. Work safety has a significant negative influenceon job stress and also work productivity. From the
    results of the research, AirNav Indonesia is advised to increase work productivity by reducing job stress
    levels. The high job stress is influenced by occupational health and safety, therefore AirNav Indonesia is
    advised to improve occupational health, especially in terms of providing skilled cleaning staff and trained
    medical officers at the Head Office and Branch Offices of AirNav Indonesia. Furthermore, AirNav
    Indonesia is also advised to provide good rest room facilities and make regular ATC Gathering programs.

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