The Process of Developing the Organizational Capaticy of Btip After the Implementation of Ppk-Blu in Supporting the Improvement of Btip's Performance

    Vera Yuwantari Susilastuti ,Sumartono ,Choirul Saleh ,Bambang Santoso
    Keywords: Organizational capacity, Performance, organizational capacity ,


    Organizations that have implemented PPK BLU apparently have not changed where they should have
    prioritized the professional aspect, in fact they still want to continue to apply the structural organizational
    pattern. Therefore, as an alternative solution in supporting changes in the BTIP organization, it is felt
    necessary to increase the overall organizational capacity, namely a target to be able to reduce or even
    eliminate the gaps that occur. The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the process of
    implementing organizational capacity development carried out by BTIP in supporting the improvement
    of BTIP's performance after the implementation of PPK-BLU. This research is a qualitative research
    withPrimary data was obtained from interviews with informants or resource persons from
    Ministries/Institutions as well as academics totaling 15 people, while secondary data was obtained from
    statutory documents and documents obtained from BTIP. The result of this research is that organizational
    capacity development carried out by the Ministry of Communication and Information does not run alone,
    but has a related process that must be carried out. Therefore, the Ministry of Communication and
    Informatics coordinates closely with other ministries such as the PANRB Ministry and the Ministry of Finance.
    In the institutional aspect, the organizational capacity development process is carried out through a
    proposal from the Minister of Communication and Informatics to the Minister of PANRB to obtain written
    approval for the organizational changes made. both changes in organizational form and characteristics
    (BTIP-BP3TI-BAKTI) and changes in organizational structure (structural to non-structural). The process of
    developing organizational capacity from the aspect of implementing PPK-BLU is carried out through the
    proposed mechanism for implementing PPK-BLU to the Minister of Finance. The Minister of Communication
    and Information Technology's proposal to the Minister of Finance is good when he becomes a PPK-BLU in
    stages until the PPK-BLU is full.

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