The Impact of The Pandemic in Relaxation Policy of Micro, Small, and Medium (MSMEs) Enterprises in Indonesia

    Rani Apriani ,Pamungkas Satya Putra ,Evi Selvi
    Keywords: MSMEs, Covid-19, Government, Companies, CSR ,


    The purpose of this research is to find out how the efforts to revive MSMEs were affected by the pandemic
    in Indonesia. The Basic Law provides a mandate to organize the national economy through laws aimed
    at increasing equity and economic growth. MSMEs during the pandemic which lasted 1 year had various
    problems. For example, a decrease in sales, capital, hampered distribution, difficulty in raw materials,
    decreased production, and layoffs of workers. The research method used in this research is in the form of
    literature review, namely literature sources, normative approach, and interviews with companies that
    carry out CSR where funds are given to increase MSMEs after the pandemic. Findings in this study had
    many several efforts made by the government and companies to revive MSMEs. Known things, the
    pandemic has had a negative impact in every sector. By conducting this research, it is hoped that MSMEs
    can revive their business with government assistance and corporate CSR funds. In addition, interviews
    with MSMEs that receive assistance from the government and MSMEs receiving CSR funds.

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