Video Conferencing enhances work credibility and efficiency during COVID 19

    Dr Swayam Prabha Satpathy ,Bose ,Dr.Mousumi Dash
    Keywords: Accent, Barrier, Communication, Mode, Organization, Employees Effective Communication. ,


    Present study was carried out among 150 employees of two different types of organizations to assess the
    modes and barriers in communication in the organizations before and during lockdown due to Covid-19
    Pandemic. The employees held the opinion that transparency in communication could be maintained
    through video conferencing. Video conferencing was found to be the most preferred one during the
    Covid-19 pandemic whereas face to face communication was preferred before the Covid-19 pandemic
    Language and linguistic accent used are found to be the most common barriers. During the pandemic
    technological advancement has made communication effective in order to run the daily business
    efficiently without putting employee’s life at stake. But lack of technological infrastructure development
    and language competency as in terms of accent and other small details was found to be a barrier as
    evaluated by theemployees.

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