Micro and Small Enterprises Engagement in Pro-poor Tourism: Challenges and Solutions

    Rudrendu Ray ,Fidella Nga Huong Tiew ,Samuel Folorunso Adeyinka-Ojo ,Shital Sohani Chitra ,Md. Ikbal Hossain ,Sazu Sardar
    Keywords: Pro-poor Tourism, Micro and Small Enterprises, Challenges, Solutions, Local Community. ,


    Pro-poor Tourism (PPT) emphasizes sustainability and development issues, particularly the benefits that
    can be drawn from these. Again, Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in tourism have been documented
    as a remarkable source of employment, and generator of income, which significantly impact the
    livelihoods of underprivileged local communities. Even though PPT is documented as a substantial
    approach towards reducing poverty, inadequate attention has been given to understanding the
    relationship between poor local communities and their challenges while being engaged in tourism MSEs.
    This study, therefore, investigates the challenges surmounting the engagement of local communities in
    tourism MSEs to implement the PPT initiative in the context of Bangladesh. A qualitative approach was
    adopted to explore the comprehensive information of the study. A total of 25 interviews were conducted
    to collect data using a semi-structured in-depth interview. The findings yielded insights into the challenges
    faced by poor communities and the process of how to overcome these challenges, such as initial capital
    investment, deficiency of technical skills and tourism knowledge, administrative exploitation,
    conservativeness of the society, expensive living cost, and the threats posed by seasonality. The
    implications for managerial practice and local communities are also discussed.

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