Level of Reflectıon of Skılls and Values In the Scope of Questions and Activities To 5th Grade Social Studies Textbook Effective Citizenship Learning Area

    Seyit Taşer ,Ahmet Ulusoy
    Keywords: Keywords: Social Studies, Textbook, Learning Area, Active Citizenship ,


    Even though teaching materials have diversified and changed their qualities since the past, the textbooks
    included in these materials have maintained their constant importance. Textbooks were sometimes made
    up of clay tablets in the Mesopotamian civilization, papyrus in Ancient Egypt, and parchment in the
    Kingdom of Pergamon. Textbooks, which have gained their current form over time, are still the most crucial
    element of education and training. In this respect, many issues such as the content, physical structure and
    quality of textbooks have been discussed since the past. Because the textbooks aim to impress the students
    with their physical structure, visual features, the information they contain, the teaching methods and
    techniques they follow. At the same time, textbooks are an important means of transferring the principles
    determined in the curriculum to the educational environments. In this respect, textbooks ensure that the
    curriculum is transferred to the student in a certain plan and order. Social studies textbooks are also
    prepared based on the Social Studies Course Curriculum. The Social Studies Curriculum was last reprepared in 2018. In the program based on the understanding of constructivism, the student is not in a
    passive position that receives the information ready but has a position that reaches the information through
    his own activities and can use the information in problem solving. In this respect, basic skills are included in
    the curriculum. In addition, the aim of raising an effective citizen who is aware of the rights and
    responsibilities of the social studies course, who is sensitive to his environment, has brought values to the
    fore. The level of reflection of these skills and values in the textbooks is a critical issue. In our study, the
    reflection level of the basic skills and values in the Social Studies Curriculum to the fifth-grade social studies
    textbook effective citizenship learning area has been tried to be examined.
    The study is in the tradition of qualitative research and was conducted according to a case study design.
    The data of the research were obtained by document (document) analysis, and descriptive analysis and
    content analysis methods were used in the analyzes. At the end of the study, it was determined that the
    field of effective citizenship learning was weak in including high-level skills, while values were clustered on
    the axis of solidarity, sensitivity, benevolence, responsibility, equality, freedom, independence, and

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