Readiness Of Individuals and Organizations to Face Changes in The Digitalization of Education

    Munawaroh ,Ryna Parlyna ,Widya Parimita ,Christian Wiradendi ,Susan Febriantina ,Rr. Ponco Dewi ,Ardila Sekar Kinanti
    Keywords: Well-Being at Work, Individual Readiness for Change, Psychological Capital, Psychological Empowerment, Perceived Organizational Support. ,


    The change management system from traditional models to digital is still ongoing. Given that the globe
    has entered the growth of industry 5.0, all sectors are needed to apply digital management including the
    education sector. Educational institutions should also modify the system that supports their operations as
    a result of digitization. The readiness of individuals, educators, and the contribution of organizations
    (universities) in facing this digitalization change are important and much needed. The purpose of this
    study is to examine the readiness of individuals to face and follow some changes that occur around them,
    especially in the workplace environment. This research has used a quantitative approach to data and
    analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS). The data analysis technique
    is carried out in three stages, named the inner model, outer model, and hypothesis testing. The limitation
    of the study is that the sample is limited in size, but meaningful results can be obtained in the survey. The
    samples of this study were 200 Diploma level educators of the Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The results of this
    study prove that exogenous variables (welfare at work, psychological capital, perceived organizational
    support, and psychological empowerment) have a significant and positive effect on endogenous
    variables, which means individual readiness for change, in Diploma level educators at the Universitas
    Negeri Jakarta.

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