A Study on Impact of Online Educational Services During Covid 19 Pandemic: A Student Survey with Special Reference to Arts and Science Colleges in Coimbatore

    S Renugadevi ,B Maheswari ,P Ramakrishnan ,M Jeshi ,C Joselyn Nithya
    Keywords: Online education, Pandemic, Covid 19, Satisfaction, Technology ,


    Higher education has long been seen as a safe haven for people during times of low employment since
    it allows them to further their studies and learn new skills. Unlike past economic downturns, the present
    crisis' lockdown measures have had unprecedented effects on educational delivery and the study
    abroad experience. It's made people more conscious of the plight of foreign students during difficult
    times. Students' perceptions of the value they will get from studying abroad in proportion to the cost they
    are prepared to pay may be influenced by all of this information. Because of this, universities will have to
    create a new value proposition that evaluates the quality of instruction and delivery methods in the
    classroom and addresses the needs of an international student population that may be less willing to
    travel across borders for the sole purpose of attending school. The research relied heavily on percentage
    analysis and chi-square. Students preferred traditional classrooms over online ones, according to
    research. There is a strong correlation between the average age of students taking online courses and
    how satisfied they are with their experience. When taking online courses, you may have discomfort in the
    eyes as well as network problems. According to the findings, COVID-19 has harmed the education
    industry and all educational institutions, instructors, and students must embrace technology and develop
    their digital abilities to keep up with the rapidly changing global trends and realities in education. To find
    out what effect online schooling had on students in Coimbatore during the covid-19 epidemic, the
    researcher decided to look at it.

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