Philosophical Review Of Materialism And Idealism Limits Of Wedding Age In Indonesia; Study Of Article 7 Paragraph (1) Of Law 16 Of 2019 Jo. Law 1 Of 1974 Concerning Marriage

    Imam Tabroni ,Hisam Ahyani ,Dian Permana
    Keywords: Philosophical Age of Marriage, Ideality, Materialism. ,


    This research departs from a juridical confusion regarding the ideal of a person going to get married,
    where the age of marriage with other provisions regarding age, namely, in terms of philosophical
    Materialism and Idealism of Marriage Age in Indonesia. Whereas in Indonesian Law on Marriage Marriage
    is only permitted if men and women have reached the age of 19 (nineteen) years. The purpose of this
    study is to find out the philosophical review of materialism and idealism of marriage age in Indonesia, with
    the article 7 paragraph (1) for 16 of 2019 jo. u 1 year 1974 regarding marriage). The conclusion of this
    research is the philosophical value of materialism and idealism of marriage age is the concept of historical
    materialism of humans who will choose their readiness in facing marriage, this is because one's age is not
    a reference, which is the basis for people to get married including their readiness to face material
    livelihood, readiness self and material. Likewise in Indonesia, the ideal age in society in Indonesia if it is
    associated with Karl Mark's theory, then the readiness of oneself in the material (economic elements) is
    as a reference for people to get married.

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