The Perception of English Department Students in Using Mobile Application in Online Learning Process in The New Normal Life

    Rachel ,Gizela Saalino ,Milka ,Selvi Panggua ,Judith R T Arrang ,Berthin Simega
    Keywords: Mobile Apps, Online Learning, New Normal Life ,


    The objective of this research is to know the perception of English Department students in using mobile
    apps in the online learning process in the new normal life. In analyzing data of this research, the researcher
    employed a descriptive quantitative method. The subject of this research was the fourth semester
    students at the English Education Study Program of FKIP UKI Toraja. The data of this research was collected
    by a shared link questionnaire that was formed by Google Form. The questionnaire consisted of 20
    statements; there were 10 positive statements and 10 negative statements. The result of this research
    indicated that the fourth semester students have a positive perception toward using mobile apps in the
    online learning process because the results of findings and data analysis showing the score percentage
    of English students' perception indicated 66,32%. Based on interpretation, the result falls into high criteria;
    it means that the perception of the fourth semester students is positive.

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