Influence of Soft Total Quality Management Practices and University Performance

    Muhammad Adnan Khan ,Abdul Manaf Bohari
    Keywords: Soft total quality management, Data analytics knowledge, Organizational performance, Higher education institutions ,


    This study aims to assess the influence of soft total quality management practices on university
    performance. In addition to that, it also assesses the mediating role of data analytics knowledge between
    soft quality management practices and university performance. The data was collected from the middle
    and lower middle management of the both public and private universities of Pakistan and 219 responses
    were found suitable for analysis. The data was analyze using partial least square-structural equation
    modeling (PLS-SEM). The results of the analysis showed that out of three dimensions of soft total quality
    management; human resource and customer focus found to be significant while top management
    appears as insignificant. Moreover, the data analytics knowledge has a significant influence on university
    performance. In the mediation analysis, data analytics knowledge significantly mediates the relationship
    between top management, human resource, customer focus and university performance. The results
    suggested that in order to enhance the university performance, management need to recognize the
    importance of soft total quality management practices through the lens of data analytics knowledge. It
    is worth to allocate resources to develop strong soft quality management practices to achieve overall
    quality management system and superior performance.

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