Virtual Academic Mobility: Social and Educational Interactions

    Cleofé Genoveva Alvites-Huamaní ,Janio Jadán-Guerrero ,Patricia Acosta-Vargas
    Keywords: Virtual mobility, Master's degree, PhD, Education, Gamification ,


    This paper describes a virtual mobility study case, in which 37 students of the Doctorate in Education
    program of the César Vallejo University of Peru and 31 students of the Master of Education of the
    Indoamerican Technological Universi-ty of Ecuador participated. Two meetings, of three hours each,
    were scheduled to exchange experiences about the use of active methodologies in Education, one of
    particular interest was Gamification. Eight projects that apply this methodology were presented in work
    sessions. The present study results show that virtual mo-bility enriches cultural heritage, generates
    motivation and students participation and allows knowledge complement in study areas. It was an
    interesting experi-ence the integration of teachers and doctoral students, firstly, teachers saw the importance of the systematic search for information to build an Education state of the art, and secondly
    because doctoral students saw educational innovation sup-ported by technology

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