The Effects of Service Quality towards Satisfaction and Their Impacts on the Loyalty of Online Customers of College Students Circle in Riau Province

    Arizal N ,Agus Seswandi ,Nurmansyah
    Keywords: Service Quality, Satisfaction, and Loyalty ,


    The objective of the study is to find out empirically the implementation and the effects of service quality
    towards satisfaction and its impacts on the loyalty of Online Customers of College Students Circle in Riau
    Province. The research method used in this study is a descriptive one (survey) with a quantitative research
    design. The data used in the study were primary and secondary data. The population of the study was
    the whole number of students conducting online shopping in Pekanbaru City. The samples of the study
    covered 150 people where the determination of the samples was based on the particular cluster namely
    two state universities and three private universities. The sampling technique used in the study was nonrandom sampling with an accidental sampling method. The data analysis tool used in the research was
    SPSS software. The results of the study based on the descriptive analysis indicated that the
    implementation of service quality in the online shopping companies consisting of seven dimensions was
    generally rated on 'good category'. In addition, both customer satisfaction and loyalty levels were rated
    on the 'good category' as well. According to the verification analysis, service quality has a significant
    influence on loyalty.

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