The Concept Of ‘Awrah In The Qur'an (A Comparative Study Of Tafseer Al-Jami’ Li Ahkam Al-Qur'an By Al-Qurthubi And AlKitab Wal-Qur'an: Qira’ah Mu’ashirah By Muhammad Shahrur)

    Muhammad Misbah ,Abdul Karim ,Shofaussamawati ,Mukhamad Agus Zuhurul Fuqohak ,Mariyatul Qibtiah
    Keywords: Awrah, Muhammad Shahrur, Al-Qurthubi, Limit theory, muqarin method ,


    This study focuses on the women's ‘awrah in the Qur'an and has three problem statements, they are: First,
    how the concept of the women in the Qur'an is; Second, how is the interpretation of the woman's ‘awrah
    in the Qur'an according to Al-Qurthubi and Muhammad Shahrur; Third, how is the concept of the women's
    ‘awrah according to al-Qurthubi and Muhammad Shahrur and its implementation in the present time.
    This research is a library research. Researchers do research on Tafseer Al-Jami ' Li Ahkam Al-Qur'an by AlQurthubi and Al-Kitab al-Qur'an: Qira’ah Mu’ashirah by Muhammad Shahrur. Data collection techniques
    are done by the documentation method. Data analysis methods include muqarin method and content
    analysis method. Main Finding of this study is that in the Qur'an is not specifically described the boundaries
    of covering the ‘awrah, so it was raised different opinions. This makes the ‘awrah as a matter of the
    khilafiyah which each of the opinions expressed is appropriate and in line with their respective arguments.
    Al-Qurthubi's interpretation of the woman's ‘awrah is the whole body that can cause orgasm from the tip
    of the hair to the toe except the face and both palms. Meanwhile, according to Muhammad Shahrur it
    has two limitations, namely minimum and maximum. The minimum limit of ‘awrah which have to be
    covered by women, i.e. breast to genitals, while the maximum limitation is the limbs as a whole except
    the face and palms. The woman's ‘awrah in the Qur'an according to Al-Qurthubi and Muhammad
    Shahrur can be implemented in the present time as guidelines. Furthermore, the understanding of the
    ‘awrah is even socialized to the people, that the ‘awrah is not only associated with physical areas, but it
    can also be seen from the piety and righteous charity of one's

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