Da’wah BIL Hal Infrastructure: An Introduction

    Azizul Azra Bin Abdul Razak ,Mohd Hisyam Bin Abdul Rahim
    Keywords: Infrastructure, ethics, requirements, resources, Da’wah bil hal ,


    Religious preachers and da’wah infrastructure are two elements which have a clear relationship as the
    preachers have to mobilise the community towards development via the infrastructure and facilities
    provided. However, in the Malaysian context, the understanding about da’wah infrastructure, especially
    regarding da’wah bil hal seems to be lacking. As such, this study aimed to focus on da’wah bil hal and
    to gather and analyse the existing research on da’wah infrastructure. Library research by applying the
    data and content analysis method was utilized to fulfill the research objectives. The findings uncovered a
    few important aspects to be focused on in order to understand the da’wah bil hal infrastructure from the
    aspects of ethics, requirements and resources. The study implications provided clear understanding about
    da’wah bil hal infrastructure which should be further developed to become the best alternative in the
    current da’wah context.

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