The Effect Of Da’wah Activities Of NonGovernmental Organisation (Ngo) On The Religious Understanding Of Mu’allaf In Malaysia

    Keywords: Da’wah Activities, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Mu’allaf ,


    Mua’llaf is a person chosen by Allah SWT who is guided to return to the religious nature of Islam. When a
    mua’llaf does not get the guidance of true Islamic knowledge, it will cause confusion and
    misunderstanding of religion in life. Through the organisation of da’wah activities, Non-Governmental
    Organisations (NGOs) have the role of providing Islamic guidance to mua’llaf in Malaysia. The objective
    of this study is to analyse the effect of da’wah activities of non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) on the
    religious understanding of mua’llaf in Malaysia. This is quantitative study methodology with study design
    research. A total of 250 study respondents (SR) comprised of mu’allaf were selected at plain random. The
    distributions of the questionnaire were carried out in the East Coast Zone, Southern Zone of Peninsular
    Malaysia, Northern Zone of Peninsular Malaysia, Central Zone of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia
    Zone. Data from the questionnaires were analysed by descriptive statistics in the form of percentages,
    mean scores and standard deviations using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) 22. The research
    instrument used is reliable because it achieves the value of the coefficient Alpha Cronbach 0.91 at a very
    high level. The results showed that the mean value was between 1.53 to 1.83, the standard deviation was
    between 0.625 to 0.749 and the interpretation was at a low level. The correlation was significant with a
    confidence value of r = 0.759 ** at the level of <0.01. The results of the study analysis show that there is a
    high positive relationship between the understandings of the religion of Islam for mua’llaf with da’wah
    activities of NGOs. Moreover, this study has important implications for the development of knowledge,
    mu’allaf, Islamic organisations, government and private institutions and communities in society

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