Manners Among Special Needs Pupils With Hearing Impairment: A Brief Study From The Field

    Hifzan Mat Hussin ,Kamarulzaman Abdul Ghani ,Mohd Norazmi Nordin ,Nor Fauziyana Mosbiran ,Mohamad Zaid Musatafa
    Keywords: Manners, Special Needs Pupils, Hearing Impairment, Special Education ,


    Pupils with special needs are reported to have somewhat worrisome disciplinary problems. Even though
    they are people with disabilities, they still need to be disciplined, especially when they are at school. Their
    behavior related to their disability cannot be controlled, but some of the behaviors that arise from their
    delinquency need to be prevented so that it does not become more serious. In this case teachers need
    to play an important role. If examined, students with hearing problems are among the categories that
    commit many disciplinary offenses. This qualitative study was conducted to explore the disciplinary
    problems that are often done by students with hearing problems, while they are more characterized by
    normal students when compared to students with learning difficulties. Interviews were conducted with 10
    special education teachers who teach students with hearing problems in the district of Batu Pahat, Johor,
    Malaysia. The interviews were conducted online, then recorded, transcribed and thematic analysis was
    conducted to obtain data. The findings show that, there are five disciplinary problems that are often done
    by students with hearing problems, namely impolite language, impolite gestures, intercourse between the
    sexes, associating with teachers and impolite behavior. It is hoped that this brief study can help future
    researchers to conduct further studies related to this issue.

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