Distinguishing The Arrogance And Assertiveness Of Special Education Leadership

    Mohd Norazmi Nordin ,Hanisah Zamani ,Sharifah Nooraida Wan Hasan Mai
    Keywords: Education leadership, special education, special education leaderships, effective leaders, arrogance and assertiveness ,


    Special education is unique in all things and it requires uniqueness in its management. Everything in special
    education itself is unique, including students with special needs, teachers, its citizens, parents, even
    special education leadership. This uniqueness is simply to make the special education better, because its
    students need more attention and love. Nevertheless, there are a handful of leaders who show
    inappropriate negative attitudes in leading special education. The matter has caused discomfort among
    special education citizens. There are among the leaders who are arrogant and inhumane by neglecting
    virtue. This qualitative study was conducted to explore these negative practices among special
    education leadership. A total of 20 respondents consisting of special education teachers were involved
    in the interview sessions conducted online. The findings of the study show that, the negative attitude of
    leaders has caused some aspects to be affected such as, not democratic, inhibits creativity, does not
    celebrate opinion, lacks competitiveness and an unconducive climate. It is hoped that this study can
    provide a basic overview to the next researcher to conduct further research.

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