Requirement And Evaluation Analysis On Application Performance Partnership Inventory And Reporting (Pevita) Version 2 Telkom Indonesia Based On Prototyping

    Habibullah Akbar ,Risviyan Eka Mira ,Kundang Karsono ,Setijadi
    Keywords: Requirement, Evaluation, Partnership, PEVITA, Prototyping, SRS, BPMN, Fishbone, SUS ,


    PEVITA (Performance Partnership Inventory and Reporting Application) is an application used by Telkom
    and Telkom Group Subsidiaries / Partners to monitor and evaluate Partner Performance in the Telkom
    Indonesia Service Assurance (SVA) Enterprise Service Division (SVA). However, the PEVITA version 1
    application still has drawbacks, namely the meeting time management menu has not been resolved and
    the display is unresponsive if accessed via mobile. The solution to these problems the authors suggest
    modeling the system using the prototyping method. Business processes are modeled using the Business
    Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) modeling standard version 2.0 to assist OSM, managers, officers and
    partners in decision making activities. Problem analysis uses the fishbone method to analyze the cause of
    a problem or condition in PEVITA version 2. The first stage in the prototyping method is requirements
    analysis using Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) requirements specifications for a software
    system that is a document created when a software will developed. The second stage of design uses use
    case diagrams, activity diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams, user interfaces. The third step is making
    mockup using marvel application. The fourth step is evaluating usability testing using the System Usability
    Scale (SUS) to measure perceived usefulness in applications. From the research results it can be seen that
    feature testing is that all features in the application can be used. System Usability Scale (SUS) of
    respondents questionnaire regarding the function of the application 10 questions 10 of respondents (staff
    / officer / manager / OSM) get an average score of 79 SUS and 10 of partner respondents get an average
    score of SUS 80. With grade B level which means good. With this application, it is expected that the
    meeting time management menu will be added and the PEVITA version 2 application will be designed
    via mobile.

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