Based Smart Room Prototype Internet Of Things (Iot) Using Nodemcu

    Muhamad Bahrul Ulum ,Nizarudin ,Imam Sutanto ,R.A.E. Virgana
    Keywords: Nodemcu, IoT (Internet of Things), Wifi ESP8266, Android. ,


    The automatic control system of electronic devices in the room is one solution to create comfortable
    room conditions. Smart room systems based on the Internet of Things can create automation features for
    electronic devices in the room and also allow users to control electronic devices from the user interface
    without having to physically touch the device. Control of electronic devices that are often used today
    are integrated with mobile devices / smartphones. The purpose of this study is to design an automatic
    room control system to facilitate human activities in the home such as turning on and off fans and lights
    using Android devices as a control and using Wifi esp8266 as a communication tool. In application system
    development smart room web-based using the PIECES analysis method, and extreme programming
    development methods and system design with UML diagrams. The results of this study indicate that the
    Android smartphone application can replace the function of the control switch of home room
    appliances. Thus the use of a prototype Smart room system based on IoT (Internet of Things) using
    nodemcu can simplify human work, because it is not impossible in the future that everything will be
    connected with one technological device, namely Android.

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