Evaluation of Acceptance of E-Learning Information System Using Tam (Technology Acceptance Model) At Esa Unggul University

    Yunita Fauzia Achmad ,Rizky Fernando Raista ,Yulhendri ,Parlindungan
    Keywords: Evaluation, E-Learning Information System, TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) ,


    Improving the quality of education is an important thing that must be done by every educational
    institution. The use of information technology tools that are currently widely used in universities is ELearning. Lack of socialization about e-learning information systems from universities, the difficulty of
    students capturing material given by lecturers when courses are conducted online (E-Learning), lack of
    interaction between students and lecturers in e-learning information systems. This study aims to analyze
    the benefits and convenience factors for the acceptance of E-learning information systems using the
    Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The sampling technique uses saturated samples, with 45
    respondents. For data analysis techniques using multiple linear regression techniques with quantitative
    research types, and data processing tools using SPSS 16.0 software for windows. The results of this study
    are the perceived usefulness variable has a t-count value (1715) <t-table (1,680) and H1 is accepted, the
    perceived ease of use variable has a t-count value (1,158) <t-table (1,680) and H2 is accepted, and the
    results of the f-test have the value of f-count (1682)> f-table (3.21) or the value of sig (0.000) <╬▒ (0.10) and
    H3 is accepted it can be concluded reliable.

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