Mobile-Based Design of Cost Estimation Calculation Application with Using Framework Cordova Case Study of Dki Jakarta Region

    Malabay ,Andreas Augustinus ,Budi Tjahjono ,Murnawan
    Keywords: Estimated construction costs, cordova, hybrid based mobile applications ,


    Cost estimation is a part that will be used as a basis for determining whether a construction project is
    feasible or not, the estimated cost is also required at the beginning before the start of a project. Cost
    estimation has an important role for the parties involved in it such as the Project owner, Consultant Planner
    and contractor. In general, construction cost estimates are divided into conceptual cost estimates and
    detailed cost estimates. Conceptual cost estimation is the estimated cost based on the concept or
    general description of the building to be built, for example a modest house, a luxury home, and. Through
    this estimation, conceptual costs are obtained, namely costs based on a general description that
    becomes a reference to the planned building construction before the detailed costs are calculated.
    Detailed cost estimation is the estimated cost based on a detailed calculation of the quantity and unit
    cost of each building component so that a more accurate total cost is obtained. The data used in this
    study came from the Indonesian Association of Appraisers (MAPPI) and the Ministry of Public Works and
    Homework which have been reviewed and used in the professional world.

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