Analysis of Usability Using Heuristic Evaluation Method in The RAYCARE HEMODIALISIS Clinic Application

    Alivia Yulfitri ,Ayunda Indarwulan ,Riya Widayanti ,Muhammad Benny Chaniago
    Keywords: Usability, heuristic evaluation, website application ,


    Hemodialysis clinic application the raycare hemodialysis clinic medical record application is web-based
    and can be accessed by medical personnel namely doctors and nurses. Over the past 9 months there
    have been 4 changes of nurses that have led to the emergence of new nurses which takes about 2
    months for features in the application. This time is considered to be less than optimal because the
    application of patient medical records is important and important in the company's business processes.
    This research was conducted with a heuristic evaluation method to find the use of problems in interface
    design. There are ten heuristic aspects that are used, namely: visibility of system status, match between
    system and the real world, user control and freedom, standards and consistency, help and user recognize,
    diagnose and recover from errors, error prevention, recognition rather than call flexibility and efficiency
    of use, aesthetic and minimalist design, and help and documentation. Data collection techniques used
    were questionnaires, observations and interviews sourced from the heuristic evaluation checklist given to
    8 respondents. Evaluation results consist of improved feedback, error messages, help features, letter order,
    tasks and important items, handling the number of words in the data entry column.

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