Influence Of Transformational Leadership And Work Environment To Employee Performance Through Work Satisfaction As An Intervening Variable

    Unggul Kustiawan ,Faqih Muhammad ,Edy Aswandi ,Obsatar Sinaga
    Keywords: Employee performance, job satisfaction, transformational leadership, work environment. ,


    Employee performance is important in achieving organizational goals. The presence of transformational
    leadership styles and a supportive environment will increase employee job satisfaction, and will improve
    employee performance. Therefore, this study aims to involve the majority of transformational leadership
    and work environment on employee performance through variable job satisfaction. The number of
    respondents in the study were 200 permanent employees. Analysis of the data used is Structural Equation
    Modeling (SEM) with the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) method. The results show that companies
    must focus on increasing employee job satisfaction and transformational leadership to improve
    employee performance. Although previous research says that the work environment directly on
    employee performance. However, this study shows how the work environment has a significant effect on
    employee job satisfaction. Furthermore, this study unexpectedly found no direct effect between work
    environments on employee performance. Therefore, this unexpected finding opens new avenues for
    future research, thus representing an important contribution from this research.

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