The Role Of Antibiotics Drug Procurement Planning System In Improving Efficiency Using Abc Critical Index Method

    Rina Mutiara ,Loisa ,Rokiah Kusumapradja ,Verani Hartati
    Keywords: Efficiency, Drug Planning, Critical Value, and ABC Critical Index Method. ,


    Procurement planning of drugs in hospital pharmacy unit is important for the hospital’s health service
    because pharmacy unit is also included in the supporting services and main revenue center. The aim of
    this research is to analyze the differences value of antibiotic supplies using the ABC critical index method
    compared to the usual procurement planning at Hospital X. This research was an observational research
    (non-experimental). The design of this research was descriptive evaluative using quantitative and
    qualitative datas that has been available. Therefore, this research can be included into a retrospective
    study. There were 190 kind of antibiotic drugs in 2018 and 158 kind of antibiotic drugs in 2019.This research
    results no significant difference between the average revenue, the usage value, the investment value,
    and the ABC critical index value between year of 2018 and 2019. There was difference in the average
    investment value based on ABC critical index method between 2018 with 2019, as in group A has the
    highest average investment, while group B has a moderate average investment, and group C has the
    lowest average investment. One of the factors that cause planning and procurement of drugs less
    efficient in 2018 and 2019 was the same planning and procurement system of antibiotic drugs at Hospital
    X every year. It is important for management team to improve the efficiency of drug planning and
    procurement by using ABC crital index analysis which can help management team to make decisions
    related to the planning and procurement of antibiotic drugs at Hospital X.

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