The Analysis Of Framing On The Formation Of Jokowi-Ma'ruf Ministry News On Kompas And Nasional

    Muhammad Ruslan Ramli ,Fajarina ,Ballian Siregar ,Obsatar Sinaga
    Keywords: Ministry formation, category, print media, news, framing analysis. ,


    This study discusses the formation of the Indonesia Maju Ministry under the leadership of President Joko
    Widodo and Vice President Ma'ruf Amin. The process of selecting ministers raises a polemic for the public.
    There are pros and cons to the minister composition because of the dominance of ministers from political
    parties. It is contrary with Joko Widodo’s statement that take a prior to professional than politicians. This
    study aims to explain the Kompas Daily and Nasional Daily news frames on the formation of the new
    ministry. The approach used was descriptive qualitative by using Murray Edelman's framing analysis
    model. The results show that Kompas Daily and Nasional Daily have the same theme towards the
    formation of a new ministry, namely Indonesia Maju. In terms of categories, Kompas Daily emphasizes two
    crucial elements, namely political-professional, while Nasional Daily looks only at the professional aspect.
    In the public view, Kompas Daily frames the formation of the ministry as a power-sharing political, while
    Nasional Daily frames the ministers as not loyal to the president.

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