Cyber Extention as an Alternative Innovation of Cerebral Palsy Family Communication Network

    Euis Nurul Bahriyah ,Resman Muharul Tambunan2 ,Safiani A Faaroek ,Rozahi Istambul
    Keywords: Cyber extension, Counseling, Intervention, Endurance parenting, Cerebral Palsy, Communication Networks ,


    One of the problems of the family of cerebral palsy teenagers is that they still need a lot of information
    systematically and scientifically through counseling in order to build psychological functions of the families
    of cerebral palsy teenagers so that all family members can function fully to provide resilience for the care
    of cerebral palsy teenagers to fully help their children has limitations. One form of building resilience in
    parenting adolescent cerebral palsy is providing interventions in the form of counseling and information
    sharing through discussions and gatherings of several parents of cerebral palsy children who are then
    formed into communities that share information, share feelings, strengthen each other, remind each
    other, care for each other so that parenting of their cerebral palsy teenagers becomes lighter and easier.
    One of the communication media that support the resilience of cerebral palsy adolescent care is to utilize
    cyber extensions which are new innovative communication media that are hybrid and convergent that
    utilize internet and interactive multimedia networks to bridge the process of information and knowledge
    transformation in the care and development of cerebral palsy teenagers. . So it is no longer a barrier to
    geographical distance between therapists, communities, families of urban cerebral palsy teenagers and
    families of cerebral palsy teenagers in different areas. The method used in this research is descriptive
    method, namely research that aims to describe and explain things as they are, while the materials and
    methods used in this study use literature studies (literature review). The conclusion of this study is the
    optimization of the cyber extension as an alternative communication network innovation for families of
    cerebral palsy adolescents in resilience and growth and development of adolescent palsy by the use of
    computer information technology in terms of sharing information with fellow families of cerebral palsy
    children both in the form of community and therapist counseling. or medical rehab doctor through the
    internet one of them with social media.

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